Who is the new owner of the Philly Show?

Hey! I'm the new owner of The Philly Show, Cathy Miller-Vaughan!

I'm very excited and honored to be here! 

This is where I have been, where I am and where I am going. 

In 1990, Pat Bauder (a previous show owner) asked me if I would like to earn a few extra bucks for three days at the Philadelphia Miniaturia. What teenager doesn’t want to make some money? Of course, I was all in! My jobs were working the registration table, taking money, stamping hands, handing out door prize tickets and directing people to the restrooms. 

A few times throughout the weekend, I would work behind the Bauder Pine table. Once I stepped into the show, I was fascinated by what was happening. There were dollhouses as big as my car and as tiny as a piece of fruit. There were elegantly dressed dolls, everyday dolls, even a miniature bum sitting on a park bench! People were so kind and shared their knowledge and experiences with me. I think I learned more about history through miniatures than ANY history class in school. And wait, people were willing to teach me how to make these tiny treasures? 

I was HOOKED! 

As that weekend came to a close, I was itching for more. As a teenager, I just didn’t have the funds to make purchases. I asked Pat if I could do more. Once I graduated from high school, I started to work for Bauder Pine and Philadelphia Miniaturia part and full time. I took orders, packed orders, shipped orders, answered the phone, learned bookkeeping, and attended every miniature event I could. Pat took me under her wing and showed me so much! Not just the industry, but in day to day life. She was becoming my adopted mom. What she taught me during those years helped me become the woman I am today. I am forever grateful to not only her, but her family that took me in as one of their own. 

In 2006, Pat was diagnosed with brain cancer. We were devastated. One of the last things she asked of me was to see me and my now-husband (Kenny) get married. Four weeks later, Kenny and I were married at the Philadelphia Miniaturia Saturday night party. It was VERY hectic but we wouldn’t have had it any other way! 

Currently, I am the owner of Bauder Pine and the Lancaster Miniature Show. This year I was given an opportunity to take over The Philly Show. 

And just like 30 years ago, I am all in! 

As the new owner, my goals are to bring back that excitement I had as a teenager, the kindness and compassion of people, and the joy felt from this industry. See, there is a “vibe” about a miniature show. It’s not something that can be described, it can only be experienced. I want others to enjoy themselves for a weekend. Forget about “real life” for a few days and just experience what a show has to offer. 

This show is more to me than just a show. It’s been one weekend every November where I can escape, be creative, socialize with other miniaturists and be myself. Some of my favorite memories are with people from this weekend. I want others to feel the joy, creativeness and excitement I have felt for 30 years. 

I will do my best so you can do your best.

See you in November! 

Please, be kind to others.